Snuggled in the West Khasi hills, Mawphanlur lies off the beaten tracks of Meghalaya, around 71 kilometres from Shillong. The emerald green meadows of the high-altitude village are dotted with many pristine lakes. With soothing weather all around the year, Mawphanlur’s scenic excellence can inspire a nature enthusiast and give wings to a poetic soul. If you want to experience pastoral life in the lap of the clean and verdant mountains, Mawphanlur is the place to be. Due to the presence of several lakes, Mawphanlur is also sometimes referred to as the ‘village of lakes’ in Meghalaya.

 Distance from Shillong to Mawphanlur Lake : 71 km

Distance from Cherrapunjee to Nohkalikai Falls : 95 km


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